Hurricane Sandy demonstrated how vulnerable New York City is to storm surge and rising waters. We will discuss the efforts currently underway and issues that have arisen as we try to respond to this reality. We will highlight a recent master plan we designed in Ho Chi Minh City that integrates a comprehensive water management strategy.

Randy Morton has provided leadership for many award-winning projects. He oversees the creative operations for the HKS Urban Design Studio. With more than 28 years of experience working in New York City on all aspects of the design process from concept through implementation, Randy has served both the public and private sectors where architecture, landscape, infrastructure and the arts are seamlessly integrated to create environmentally sensitive and memorable places. Believing that collaboration creates richer results, he seeks to encourage client participation as well as full team involvement in the design process. Randy's involvement in waterfront and large-scale projects has been instrumental in integrating development, transportation and open-space in cities around the world.

For 74 years, HKS has nurtured a culture that reveres both invention and customer focus. The Dallas based, top five architectural firm operates from 28 worldwide offices. Our firm’s project experience includes aviation, commercial, healthcare, sports and entertainment, hospitality, governmental, educational, science and technology, retail and industrial projects located in 1,263 cities in 80 countries.

Our HKS Urban Design Studio is located in New York City. Through our work, we seek to balance the economic relationship between revenue and cost, while creating an inspiring vision. These two goals are not mutually exclusive but rather are interdependent. Large scale projects happen in increments over time, with the first phase responding to today’s world and setting the tone of a total vision. As architects we produce plans that are pragmatic and exciting and are meant to be built and become beloved places within their cities and towns.

We are currently working on the San Diego Bayfront Master Plan and the Minnesota Vikings Stadium in downtown Minneapolis.

Date: Tuesday 08 October 2013
Location:     107 Grand Street
6th Floor New York
NY 10013
Time: 10.00 - 12.15
Lunch: 12.30

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