The future of the workplace will be fluid and dynamic, following the development of technology. The advancements in technology, as Moore's Law observes, is exponential and will have a direct impact on the way we live and work. The most significant shift between today's workplace and the future will be defined by the technology we don't see.

It wasn't that long ago when computers occupied vast amounts of desktop real estate. Today, the desk surface is now occupied by little more than a thin monitor and keypad. The use of tablets and other mobile devices are also quickly becoming the norm. And soon these devices will dissolve into the surfaces that surround us.

The workplace of the future will be a smart environment incorporating sensors and technology within the walls that define the area in which we work. With the advanced use of cloud computing, mobile and wearable technology as well as smart surfaces, where we work will not feel like a workplace at all. It will be wherever we decide to work; no longer tethered to cable connections or other static devices.

And as technology continues to absorb the mundane, repetitive tasks associated with the workplace, collaboration will gain greater importance in the way we work. Our global connections will strengthen and become virtually seamless, with telepresence taking cues from the gaming world and other dynamic forms of collaboration. It is this instantaneous, global interface that will be our greatest challenge as we learn from others who see and do things differently. The world will be "smaller" and the workplace will be an environment where "less is more."

The future of the workplace will be defined by technology's disappearing act.

Guy Geier, FAIA, FIIDA, LEED, is Managing Partner of FXFOWLE Architects as well as leader of the firm's Corporate and Interior Design practice. A strong proponent of the value design plays in creating a healthy and productive workplace, Guy focuses on developing environments that reflect a client's mission and current program, while anticipating future needs.

Guy received both his Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Masters of Architecture from the University of Virginia, where he is also a member and former Chair of the Dean's Advisory Board and a member of The Raven Society.

Sarah Gerber, AIA, LEED is a Senior Designer at FXFOWLE Architects. An architect with over 20 years of experience, Sarah has focused her recent work on innovation in the workplace. She has been instrumental to projects around the world, integrating both physical and virtual work practices with an emphasis on design.

Sarah received her Bachelor of Design in Architecture from the University of Florida and her Masters of Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis.

Founded 35 years ago, FXFOWLE is an architectural, interior design, planning, and urban design firm committed to design excellence, social responsibility, and sustainability. With offices in New York and Washington DC, our projects have been recognized throughout the world with numerous design awards and press coverage each year. Our diverse portfolio of projects includes work of all types and scales across the globe, and is based on our core commitment to enriching the built environment by creating projects with social, environmental, and aesthetic integrity.

FXFOWLE's three studio structure allows us to focus on a variety of typologies, including Office Buildings; Multi-family Residential; Mixed-Use; Retail; Cultural Facilities; Public and Private K-12 and Higher Education Institutions; Corporate; Not-for Profits; International projects; Planning/Urban Design; and Infrastructure/Transportation. Partners direct each project and our teams collaborate to best meet our projects' diverse needs.

Date: Tuesday 08 October 2013
Location:     OFS Brands New York Showroom
1250 Broadway, Suite 3501 New York, NY 10001
Topic: "Workspace of the Future"
Time: 09.00 - 12.30
Lunch: 12.45 (venue: OFS)

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